Thursday, 28 May 2009

Needlepoint in the News!

I happened to catch the teatime bulletin of Five News last night (if you're sick and tired of the doom and gloom of 'proper' bulletins, do tune in: it's kind of like real news spliced with E! Daily Ten). But I digress. Today's fluffy end story was not the latest on Jordan/Petergate, it was, in fact, a little piece on the 'hip new trend' of needlepoint!

First up, a look at the work of tapestry kit maker and designer of these Kiss and Hug cushions that I heart deeply, Emily Peacock. After a peek at her work, a short talking head piece ensued about the general greatness, easiness and 2009 relevance of needlepoint.

Followed swiftly by a trip to a Cupcakes and Cross Stitch workshop, courtesy of the fantastic Urban Cross Stitch, where Five's roving reporter got down to some embroidery hoop action with London's hip kids.

With so much craft news in the press these days, it sure is an exciting time for us crafty folk. But if needlepoint is the new knitting, what's going to be the new needlepoint? Potato printing and hobby-smock-making, a la my earlier post? What are your predictions?
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