Monday, 11 May 2009

Vintage Craft Books

A recent foray into a second hand bookshop introduced me to these two beaut's which, I think you'll agree, are far too good to keep all to myself. What could beat crafting, other than - vintage crafting, right from the 1970's original horse's mouth?

First, macrame: my Mother was somewhat prolific in this act of tool-less weaving back in the day, knocking out many a hanging plant pot and decorative wall hanging. I have hazy memories of having a go myself as a child, but am hoping to turn hazy memories into modern-day reality now I have this little number in my arsenal. Fingers at the ready!

Happily I bounded to the till ready to make my purchase, until this little number caught my eye.

At only 40p it felt rude to say no - particularly when confronted with a world of craft possibilities, including: A painted paper mache lampshade (check out the food styling - were bread rolls a special and luxury food item back in the day to deserve such product placement?!)

  ...a bit of good old honest potato printing on cushion covers (surely time for a revival in the potato print department - can you think of any good examples of print or motif?)

...a double whammy of rope covered plant pots and decoupage - just for fun - a sleepsuit, playmat and knitted toy modelled by a baby with the best afro IN THE WORLD. 

But wait, I hear you cry - what should one wear to protect one's clothing when crafting such projects? Well, I'm glad you ask: what else, other than....

Yes, the Hobby Smock. 

These books bring joy to my life every time I flick through them, and I sincerely hope to be posting some of my retro crafts on here very soon. God Bless the crafty 70's.

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Anonymous said...


Great blog- I'm a newbie, just stumbled across your blog today.

I live in Paris and my boyfriend is really into circuit bending and we're both musicians so he's always on ebay looking for new instruments to mend or bend, and we recently found a copy of an old french magazine called 'SYSTEM D' which is an old french expression for DIY- it's amazing how pertinent it is for our times.

I love the free documentary 'DIY or DIE'- it's on youtube and is a slice of history that's coming back around.

I look forward to continuing reading your blog...

All the best

Get Electric !